All Inclusive Revenge for Hire Service Agency

Sit back and let us handle the “dirty” work.

What we do

When regular channels have failed you. We help you get the restitution you deserve. Have you been wronged? Do you need to take revenge but have no time? offers a simple, discreet way to hire the best investigators and agents of vengeance in the business.

Win Back a Lover!

Has someone stolen the love of your life? Why not steal them back? With the right background research and preparation, we can help you achieve this.

Horrible Boss

Don’t like your boss or anyone at work? Let Revenge take care of them.

Make your ideas a reality

Take the power back. Our experienced team of specialists can carry out your revenge plan ensuring the mark never lives down their mistake, while eliminating your humiliation and embarrassment. What’s more, our agents don’t know they are doing your dirty work, so you won’t need to worry about making any waves at work or with friends.

Even Steven

Even Steven can help you recover funds lost in scams using his expertise and network in the cryptocurrency industry.

Destroy an Ex.

Want to get even with that unfaithful ex? You’ve come to the right place.

Reputation. Shattered.

Is there a person in your life who undermines everything you do at work? Do they believe they are above reproach? Leave them to us.

Competitor Ruined

Worry about how to sabotage your competitors? When they’re sleeping, we’re working.

Drain Their Crypto

Cripple your target by draining their crypto assets and NFTs. For many people, cryptocurrency represents more than just a financial investment. It represents a belief in a better future, a future where we are no longer beholden to the whims of big banks and governments. Losing that investment can feel like a loss of hope for that future.

Additionally, the process of recovering lost cryptocurrency can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Unlike traditional banks, there is no regulatory body to turn to for help, and the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency means that there are few if any ways to recover lost assets. All of this adds up to a devastating blow for those who have lost their cryptocurrency, and it is a reminder that even the most advanced technology can have its downsides.

Working within the confines of the law

It’s all about getting away with it.

Our vast network of professionals are skilled and keeping on the right side of the law. Just because our targets are assholes, doesn’t mean we should put ourselves at risk of jail or fines.

Ruined the life of an insurance broker.

An insurance broker was preying on older women, having them pay crazy premiums for policies they didn’t need. We made short work of the broker and let’s just say they won’t be able to earn a living as a broker any longer.

Arrogant Gym Owner Destroyed

An arrogant gym owner was making life miserable for a client. Wrongfully terminated, the authorities were tipped off to a shipment of steroids the owner had ordered.

Swift Deliverance

We don’t waste time.

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