Horrible Bosses!

Having a terrible boss can ruin your life.

Ask yourself, should you suffer in silence?

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A boss that shouts at you. A boss that’s inconsiderate. A boss that just doesn’t get it.

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We openly accept requests to get revenge on your bosses, so long as the request is legal and within our capacity, of course. If you want revenge on a horrible boss then this site is simply the place for you!

With Revenge.Agency, you no longer have to worry about getting fired! We take care of all the dirty work for you!
We let all the other employees in your company or area know that he or she is a horrible person. At Revenge.Agency, we have hundreds of ways that are guaranteed to piss off your boss every time!

Changing jobs may not be an option, and punching them in anger would not look good on your resume. So what else can you do? Perhaps there is an effective but hidden way to get back at them. At Revenge.Agency we specialize in providing our clients with unique ways to return the pain unto their horrible bosses.

If a boss has fired you for no reason, or stolen credit for work that you’ve done, drop us a message today.

6 week project
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